Write.as Archive Page Generation Tool

It's been awhile since I updated the contents of the Archive page on my journal. I stopped updating when my Blazor apps stopped working. Archive Page - Dino's Journal - 20220625

I remember working on some update to my Blazor apps, but the limitation of Blazor WASM as a client-side application, plus the CORS restrictions I kept running into, made it a headache and so I stopped. I eventually created a WPF app just for my own use.

WriteFreely Archive Page Generator written in C# and WPF

This is what I used today to generate the contents for my archive page. Yes I know it is ugly. But I just need it to work, I don't need it to look pretty. And well, it does the job just fine, so I'm happy with it.

Since it is a WPF app, it will only run in Windows. So sorry folks, it's not something that everyone else can easily use. But if there's enough interest on it, I can share the source code in a public repo. Let me know in Remark.as or in the comments below.

Tags: #WriteAs #WPF

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